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  • Anello Nord del Natisone nature trail

    The route passes through borgo Brossana, one of the four neighbourhoods that were once enclosed within the solid walls of Cividale. The route cuts across countryside where the main crops are cereals, forage, vineyards and olive trees (we are in the "Eastern Hills of Friuli" DOC territory. The intersection of shared access roads are present here. At the edge of the fields you can see mulberry trees, not as frequent as once upon a time. These fields speak of those who have passed and those who still cultivate them. The walk takes you through a stetch of the gorge of the river Natisone, which offers several natural attractions. The route touches upon the area of Sanguarzo.

    Total time: circa 1 hour and 20 mins

    Distance: km. 5.3

    Height difference: 54.80 ml

    Difficulty level: medium

    starting/arrival point: intersection via delle Mura with Borgo Brossana

    Trail colour: red
  • Sub-anello Nord del Natisone nature trail

    This route presents a shorter version of the anello Nord del Natisone which unfolds in borgo Brossana. The now quiet and unassuming village was the site of incessant and intense trade flows of transalpine origin in the Middle Ages. The route cuts across cultivated land and a stretch of the gorge of the river Natisone. In hydrographic terms, this territory is crossed by the winding course of the Riio Emiliano, one of the main tributaries on the right bank of the Natisone, from where it spills out enthusiastically. The area is also home to Borgo Viola, a name widespread in other Friuli areas, which originates from the presence of a secluded and retreated lane.

    Total time: circa 1 hour and 15 mins

    Distance: km. 4.5

    Height difference: 44.60 ml

    Difficulty level: low

    starting/arrival time: via delle Mura intersecting with Borgo Brossana

    trail colour: red