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  • Anello Sud del Natisone nature trail

    The stretch that runs alongside the Natisone stands out in this route: this river has proved essential for the genesis of Cividale del Friuli. Depending on the stretches, the waters flow slowly or rapidly. There is a rare yellow flowering plant on the rocks that border the water - il Leontodon brumatii - characteristic and exclusive to the gorge of Natisone. The escarpments accommodate vegetation in well-established meadows and bushes. Sul fondo della forra può affiorare il greto ghiaioso, nudo o popolato da formazioni di salici e pioppi. Undergrowth can emerge in the protected environment of the furrow of the river with mixed species. The route pushes on to Purgessimo overlapping with nature on its way.

    Total time: circa 2 hours and 10 minutes

    Distance: km. 7,500

    Height difference: 89.80 ml

    Difficulty level: middle

    Starting/arrival point: piazzale dell'Ospedale

    Trail colour: yellow
  • Sub-anello Sud del Natisone nature trail

    The route presents a shorter version of the anello Sud del Natisone, which is striking from an environment and nature perspective. The Natisone mostly flows encased in a narrow stretch nestled between overhanging walls with the water having cut deeply into the rock throughout its very long course. The river regime is torrential, its reach is heavily affected by meteoric contributions: its waters perennially change colour in varying shades of green. The vegetation is splendid: from the rare and exclusive species on the rocks to the constant meadows and bush. It should be noted that the route flanking the river is the oldest in the territory dating to prehistoric times. The route takes in the small villages of Madriolo and Zugliano.

    Total time: 1 hour and 25 mins

    Distance: km. 4.750

    Height difference: 51.80 ml

    Difficulty level: low

    starting/arrival point: piazzale dell'Ospedale

    Trail colour: yellow