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  • Buildings, squares and streets

    The itinerary begins at Piazza Paolo Diacono and, either of the two routes suggested will lead to the Town hall.
    The route then leads towards the Cathedral Square to "listen to the history" of the noble buildings, testament to the town's history : Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo de Nordis and Palazzo dei Provveditori Veneti; continuing towards Piazza San Francesco you can admire the eighteenth century Palazzo Brosadola whilst in Piazza Foro Giulio Cesare stands the monument to Adelaide Ristori, the actress of international fame who was born in Cividale del Friuli, an important voice of the Italian Risorgimento.
    We then reach Corso Mazzini and Palazzo Levrini Stringher, a building with frescoes showing sacred subjects and mythological scenes, and some historic scenes of town life such as the pharmacy.
    Continuing along via Carlo Alberto the route leads to Palazzo de Portis, owned by one of the most powerful noble families in the town, then crossing via Canussio you come to the beautiful Castle of the same name, finally arriving at Piazza Diaz with its Rationalist period architecture. Living in the present, recounting the past and with an eye on the future.

    Time needed: two hours and thirty minutes (entry - with fee - and visit to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale)
    Distance: three kilometres
    Difficulty level: easy

    Starting point: Piazza Paolo Diacono, 10 (Informacittà Helpdesk – Information and tourist centre)

    - Stretta della Giudaica: Medievel House (with stairs/access ramp with cobblestones)
    - Via Monastero Maggiore/ stretta Cerchiari (slight gradient)
    - Piazza Duomo: Palazzo Provveditori Veneti (National Araeological Museum)
    - Corso Paolino d’Aquileia: Palazzo Comunale -
    Following corso P. d’Aquileia / Stretta Stellini/ piazza San Francesco: Palazzo Brosadola
    - Foro Giulio Cesare: Monument to Adelaide Ristori
    - Piazzetta Terme Romane/ stretta de Rubeis/ corso Mazzini: Palazzo Levrini Stringher and Pharmacy
    - Via Carlo Alberto / p.tta de Portis: Palazzo de Portis
    - Via Canussio: Castello Canussio Craigher

    There is an alternative to this route with architectural barriers: buildings, squares and streets - without architectural barriers